Datadog Rum- Pricing- agent- and apm-api (2023)

Datadog is a tool that helps you watch and understand your software and systems. It connects different parts of your software and systems like and shows you what is happening in them.


To use Datadog, you need to put a small program called the Datadog Agent on your computers or servers. The Agent collects and sends information to Datadog. You can also connect Datadog with other tools that you use.

When Datadog has your information, you can use its website to see charts, alerts, logs, and more. You can also use Datadog’s own tool called the Datadog API to get or change your information and settings.

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In This Article :-           1. What is Datadog RUM?
                                      2. Datadog Pricing
                                      3.  The Datadog Agent
                                      4. Datadog APM
                                      5. DATADOG API Overview

What is Datadog RUM?

Datadog RUM
Datadog RUM

=> Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Datadog RUM is a tool that helps you understand and improve your apps for real users. It can show you how well and quickly your apps work, what issues your users face, how your users interact with your apps, how to support your users, how to view what your users do on your website, and how to link your app data with other data.

Datadog RUM can help you with these things:

  1. Make your apps faster and better for your users. 
  2. See how long your apps take to load, how well they work, and how they meet the web standards .
  3. Find and fix problems that make your users unhappy. 
  4. See what causes errors, bugs, crashes, and timeouts in your apps, how often they happen, and how to solve them .
  5. Learn how your users use your apps. 
  6. See what pages they go to, what features they like, and where they come from .
  7. Help your users when they have trouble. 
  8. Get all the information you need about their sessions and issues .
  9. Watch what your users do on your website with Session Replay. 
  10. See how they move around, scroll, click, and type on your website.

Datadog Pricing

Datadog has many tools to help you with your software and systems. You can use some tools for free or pay for more features and limits.

The price depends on how much you use the tools. You can also ask Datadog for a better price if you need more.

Datadog may change the price later. But for now, the price is the same until June 2023. 

Some things may end or change after that. You can see the current price on their website or read what others say about it.

Datadog price

 The Datadog Agent :

The Datadog Agent is a program that you put on your computers or servers. 

It sends information to Datadog, where you can see and understand your data. The Datadog Agent is free and you can see how it works on GitHub at DataDog/datadog-agent.

You should install the Agent completely. But you can also use a smaller package for DogStatsD only. 

This package works for some Linux systems. You can use it when DogStatsD runs with containers or by itself without the Agent

Datadog APM :

Datadog APM

Datadog APM helps you see and understand your apps better. It shows you charts for your web services, queues, and databases to see how they work, what problems they have, and how fast they are.

It also connects your app data with other data from your browser, logs, profiles, checks, network, processes, and systems. 

You can see everything that happens in your apps from start to finish. You can also find and fix the parts of your code that make your apps slow with code hotspots.

DATADOG API Overview :-

API Overview The Datadog API is a web service that follows the HTTP REST principles. 

The API uses URLs that describe the resources to interact with the API, uses status codes to show if requests are successful or not, returns JSON for all responses, and uses common HTTP response codes. 

You can use the Datadog API to programmatically access the Datadog platform features.

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